The role of soft skills in project success

How Good Project Managers Fail – This is not an oxymoron

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We might hate to admit it; projects have a lot to do with motivating the people; rallying the team who work with us to achieve a common business goal, than just assembling particular skill sets and tools to execute the project plan. The solution is to make genuine connections with your team members, stakeholders, vendors and business partners to enhance the business and professional relationships and manage communication issues. Your success as a project manager depends directly on the level of genuine engagement of the people around you.

According to a recent Interact/Harris poll of 1,000 US workers, here are the top 5 communication issues:

  • Not recognizing employee achievements
  • Not giving clear directions
  • Not having time to meet with employees
  • Refusing to talk to subordinates
  • Taking credit for others’ ideas

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Of course, the real challenge is that you are making all of these engagements magic happen without the benefit of a great deal of formal management authority. And, project success is depends on your leadership style and communication skills to engage and to influence.

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